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Natural Nectar… a growing line of finest products created to enhance your life sustainably, conscienciously and ecologically. Harvesting wholesome essential ingredients from the Earth and crafting them into high quality products is the hallmark of our brand… and our commitment to our customers.

The Natural Nectar brand — which traces its roots back to the early days of the natural product industry — has been reborn. Today, the beautifully updated Natural Nectar logo can be found on exciting new products such as Cracklebred with many more to follow. Our strong commitment to a brand that helped define the natural foods market can be found in the premium ingredients we use, our pledge to utilize ecological packaging solutions, our support of sustainable development, and our dedication to bringing a wide range of innovative and healthy products to your local stores.

Since the early 90s our parent company, Breton Enterprises, has paved the way with innovative food and personal care products that changed the way we think about healthy living. Having created hundreds of top selling private label products across many categories, Breton brings a talented team of food product professionals together with a common goal — sourcing the globe to bring high quality, intensely flavorful products to your local market.

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