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Cracklebred Lovers, Rejoice!

Cracklebred is Back!

Distributed once again by the company that first introduced this irresistible cracker to the US and now sporting a brand new logo, we are pleased to reintroduce Cracklebred with an exciting nationwide launch.

What’s New?

Our Brand Name is Brand New!
Look for the Natural Nectar logo on each fresh box of Cracklebred… your assurance that the Cracklebred on your store shelf is the real deal!


What’s the Same?
Rest assured that Cracklebred’s unique recipes have not changed at all. The delicate texture, crispy crackle and light flavors are still the perfect accompaniment to your favorite spreads, cheeses and dips!

What’s Better?
We are committed to ensuring that you always have the perfect accompaniment to your favorite cheese or spread, so we are improving the distribution of Cracklebred so that this crispy cracker is available wherever you shop. Please look for the familiar box with the NATURAL NECTAR logo at your favorite stores.

Can’t find Cracklebred at your local retailer? Click here to go directly to a printable request form to submit to the grocery manager at your favorite store.

Cracklebred At-A-Glance
All Natural, Non-GMO Ingredients
Fat Free, Cholesterol Free and 0g Trans Fat
Nutritious, Irresistibly Delicious & 17 Calories per Slice
Three GLUTEN FREE Varieties

Click Here to for a printable PDF copy of Cracklebred Nutrition Facts

FOR THE TRADE:  Click Here to for a printable PDF copy of Cracklebred Sell Sheet